Energy transition decarbonization technology

Humanity has developed technologies to extract the maximum value in the shortest time for the least expense and we’re only now beginning to apply profit-based climate technologies to rebalance our planet.

It’s time to act.


Seaquest Energy is on course to lead the most valuable to abate energy transition opportunities via energy reduction and decarbonization of syngas conversion.


  • CO2 avoidance and utilization with conventional and renewable Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) distillate and Gas-to-Reformate BTX chemical production

  • CO2 avoidance and utilization with Power-to-X (P2X) circular synthetic fuel and chemical production

Products + Markets

Seaquest Energy’s patented OneStep™ GTL gas-to-liquid, OneStep™ BTX gas-to-reformate, and Xtra™ BTX trans-alkylation catalysis technologies yield synthetic drop-in transportation fuels or BTX chemicals at less than half of the hydrogen while utilizing twice the carbon dioxide of competing technologies.