July 18, 2023 — Seaquest Energy, a pioneer in decarbonization and circular energy production, announced a patent award for greenhouse gas removal including permanent subsea sequestration.

To accelerate the energy transition, Seaquest Energy is developing and integrating low-carbon energy production systems with carbon dioxide removal, utilization, and sequestration technologies to increase Power-to-X efficiency and decrease energy transportation and end user costs.

“Upstream decarbonization may be the most difficult and urgent challenge we face in the Energy Transition, so the transition itself needs to be as uncomplicated and seamless as possible for each following link in the chain.”

 “Seaquest Energy is both a crude oil replacement company and a remote decarbonization company. The addition of remote CDR with permanent subsea sequestration to Seaquest Energy’s low-hydrogen/high efficiency OneStep™ gas-to-liquid technology, achieves complete circularity of traditional energy supply chains without feedstock shipping while simultaneously producing zero-sulfur carbon negative drop-in fuels.”

-Dan Dockter, CEO of Seaquest Energy

About Seaquest
Seaquest Energy integrates and applies the best performing climate technologies for the Energy Transition to replace crude feedstock for fuels and chemicals with carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and renewable energy while simultaneously sequestering CO2. These capabilities enable customers to remotely decarbonize their operations by replacing fossil fuels and petrochemicals with drop-in equivalents that achieve low-Carbon intensity through feedstock replacement and CO2 sequestration regardless of the emitter’s proximity to suitable sequestration geology.

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