No one organization has all of the technologies required to achieve Seaquest’s mission

Seaquest Energy is a consortium of leading decarbonization technologies configured to achieve carbon management results at scale.

Perdido, USA, 2010

Co-located Climate Change Remediation and Energy Transition Profit Centers

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), avoidance, utilization, and sequestration projects are most profitable when they’re combined to exploit synergies in strategic locations.


Onsite CDR of virtually unlimited CO2 via extremely efficient Direct Ocean Capture (DOC)

DOC is the most efficient form of CDR. Point source captured CO2 requires shipping to suitable sequestration sites adding expense and emissions. The Seaquest approach doesn’t require CO2 shipping.

Onsite CO2 utilization for renewably powered circular e-fuel production with breakthrough efficiency

OneStep™ catalysis is a step-change advance in gas-to-liquid fuels technology producing a high proportion of eJet fuel or Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) (depending the energy source) as well as: Renewable Diesel; Renewable Gasoline; Renewable Fuel Oil; etc; with a single catalytic reaction at 40% of the CapEx and 50% of the OpEx of Fischer-Tropsch processes. We can’t rely on CDR alone. We must also lower the carbon intensity of our transportation systems immediately.

Onsite sequestration of CO2 via mineralization in ideal geology and porosity

We can’t rely on CO2 utilization alone. We must also become simultaneously carbon negative. Seaquest surface systems operate above ~250 gigatons of subsea storage via young and porous basaltic geology ideally suited for mineralized CO2 sequestration.

Onsite access to sequestration water

Mineralized sequestration requires 25 tons of water for every ton of CO2 sequestered and water availability is already decreasing on land in much of the world. Seaquest is ocean based and has access to virtually unlimited sequestration water.

Onsite wind and wave energy stored as Hydrogen for fuel cell and syngas utilization

CDR, e-fuel production, and CO2 sequestration require large amounts of energy. Seaquest has access to limitless renewable wind and wave energy as well as water for Hydrogen-based energy storage and utilization.

Few places in the world offer all of the above near large offtake customers in areas with suitable seafloor depth

Seaquest produces carbon-negative fuels, securitized sequestration, and high-quality carbon credits simultaneously and has extensive institutional knowledge and experience in these technological and geographical areas.