STARKVILLE, MS, and Minneapolis, MN, May 15, 2023 — Mississippi State University and Seaquest announced an exclusive licensing agreement for MSU’s high efficiency low-Hydrogen catalysis technology called OneStep™.

To accelerate the energy transition, Seaquest is integrating Mississippi State University’s catalysis technology with onsite Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) via Direct Ocean Capture (DOC), onsite Hydrogen production, and onsite CO2 conversion to circular drop-in e-fuels. This approach drastically reduces the Carbon intensity of both transportation and remotely powered industrial systems without engine modification.

“At MSU, we take great pride in the societal impact of innovations developed by our researchers.”

 “Licensing technologies to companies like Seaquest allows these innovations to enter the marketplace and help address key issues such as climate change.”

-Julie Jordan, MSU Vice President for Research and Economic Development

A unique feature of the Seaquest process is that its production sites can also sequester CO2 via permanent mineralization making Seaquest’s circular e-fuels Carbon negative.

“The Seaquest consortium is composed of the top performers in renewable DOC of Carbon dioxide, renewable Hydrogen production, renewable Carbon monoxide production, renewable Carbon dioxide utilization, automated drilling, and permanent Carbon dioxide sequestration. MSU’s catalysis technology is the CO2 utilization component of the consortium.

Seaquest’s application of MSU’s OneStep catalysis enables commercial profit from captured Carbon dioxide at a scale that’s immediately meaningful in correcting climate change. This makes it a key technology for full-cycle Carbon management and the Energy Transition as a whole.”

-Dan Dockter, founder, and CEO of Seaquest

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About Seaquest
Seaquest integrates and applies the best performing climate technologies for the Energy Transition, replaces crude feedstock for fuels and chemicals with Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen, and renewable energy while simultaneously sequestering CO2 and allowing customers to decarbonize industrial operations regardless of their proximity to suitable sequestration geology.

MSU Contact:
James Carskadon, Research Editor
[email protected]

Seaquest Contact:
Dan Dockter
[email protected]